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Sweet Chestnuts

In 2016 we started our journey in chestnuts by planting 9 grafted chestnut trees on the rolling hills of Moltke Township in Presque Isle county.  As of Spring 2020 a total of 705 chestnuts trees comprise our orchard. 



Yes, as our farm name says, we are home to a team of oxen. Felix and Mac are our resident oxen who are 4 year old Brown Swiss. We use the team to harvest select cut timber from our 100 acres of northern hardwood. 


Follow our Journey

Starting this chestnut dream as an experiment we are the farthest North and East of any chestnut orchard in Michigan.  


Welcome to our chestnut farm! We plan to keep this section updated with all we do in the orchard through out the year. Our hope is that those who are interested in our orchard or starting one of their own can see what establishment and growth of chestnuts involves.